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Here's What the Galaxy of Stars Website Has in Store For You

Welcome! Please take a moment to learn about the features of this site and how the site can help you with your business and help you promote your business! We have something for everyone, please take a look.

Message Boards (Forums)

If you have never used a forum, it is awesome! The Galaxy Forums are a quick, easy, safe place for you to get help, give help, and interact with other entrepreneurs experiencing the same business struggles as you may be. It only takes a minute to get comfortable…

  • Each message board is on a different topic, find one that you are interested in and click on it. You will see other users asking questions and getting help. You must be logged in to participate.
  • Once you click on an individual Message Board, you will see a list of conversations that have been started on various topics. These are called threads and you can click a thread you would like to read or comment on.
  • Once you click on a thread you will see comments from people in the thread. These are called posts and it is how you interact with others to get help, give help, or just going the conversation. It’s fun, give it a try!

Galaxy Directory

The Galaxy Directory is quickly growing and will soon be the largest directory and listing of minority- and woman-owned businesses in the world. Get YOUR company listed and exposed to millions of buyers or find a minority business near you to support. Buyers and shoppers can search by type of business or location!

Free Website Set Up and Free Hosting

We know getting your own website set up and selling for you can be time consuming and expensive. That is why the Galaxy Websites are FREE and EASY! Pick from hundreds of awesome templates, customize by adding your information and logo, upload a few images, and you are good to go! You can get as simple or complicated as you want. Get started now by clicking here to go to our free website registration page.

Galaxy U

You are busy and need resources to help you learn, grow, and succeed in your business. At the Galaxy U, we have carefully selected relevant recommendations including videos, podcasts, books, and articles specially to help YOU. They are either free or very low cost. You can search by topic (example: Financing, Operations, Marketing or by type, such as Video, Book, Article, or Podcast.) Check it out!

Free Membership

Setting up your membership is free, fast, and easy. Click here to visit the Galaxy of Stars registration page, fill out a short form, and presto! You can now use access all of the resources on our website and enjoy the amazing benefits of being part of the Galaxy community. It is free—you are never asked for your credit card or any payment at all for our free services.

Groups for Members Just Like You

It is easy to find and join a Galaxy Group of people with the same interests as you, such as women-owned businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs, and others. Think of these as a business support group—they are helpful and fun—just find a group, click on it, and if you like it, JOIN! (If you would like to request a group, email gethelp@galaxyofstars.org.)

Something For Every Entrepreneur

We hope you will find something that interests you and helps you in your entrepreneurial journey. This entire site is dedicated to meeting the needs of new and aspiring business owners by providing you with free resources to help you succeed.

We believe there is something here for everyone; but each person will have a different experience. Be bold—it takes that to be a successful entrepreneur—and try something new each time you visit. We know you will find hidden gems throughout the site because once we created them and were once new entrepreneurs too.

In the future we will be bringing more things to help YOU; so stay engaged with Galaxy of Stars, and tell your friends!